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Interracial Breeding: Indian Chicks

March 13, 2010

Robert Lindsay has an interesting post about how much head size varies amongst the races. Curious about how this would relate to interracial mating, I checked to see if women of particularly small-headed races have more C-sections when they reproduce with men of big-headed races.

Short Answer: Yes but the difference is very slight.

To start with, I looked at the data from the 2006 Natality Detail File for races which Lindsey noted as having small skulls. Only certain states collect data on Asian nationalities (you can see the variable here), from that data I looked at Asian Indians (the dot kind, not the feather kind). Of those who gave birth in certain states in 2006 (n=18025), the race of the father is as follows..

Race of Father (Indian Women)

Hispanic:                             1.7%

White:                                     4.7%

Black:                                       1.1%

Indian:                                88.3%

Other Asian:                             1%

Unknown/Not Stated:   3.2%

And the education of the mothers who reproduced with these fathers (in terms of years of schooling):

Race of Father Mean Educational Attainment Std. Deviation
Mexican 16.13 21.101
White 15.78 4.531
Black 15.71 12.236
Indian 15.64 7.207
Unknown/Not Stated 14.51 16.052
All 15.60 7.824

Once again, we notice that the “Unknown” mothers are the lagging group. These differences are not statistically significant.

Excepting the unknown father group, they appear almost the reverse educational hierarchy of White women who engage in miscegenation (which I covered in a previous post – Interracial Breeding: White Women).

And what about the rate of Caesarian births?

C-Section births with Indian mothers:

Chinese Guys                                    41.7%

White Guys                                        38.4%

Indian Guys                                        36.3%

This follows Lindsay’s racial hierarchy of head sizes.

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  1. March 13, 2010 9:24 pm

    Navite American Indian or East Indian?

    • March 13, 2010 9:26 pm

      Asian Indian.

      Remember that this is only Indian mothers in a few states that are obviously somewhat diverse. The trends may be different nationwide.

  2. March 13, 2010 10:29 pm

    Robert Lindsay’s post was rather disingenuous, which is to be expected from an admitted Communist.

    Nobody says “race = head size = IQ” (as cranial capacity is probably just one factor of several) but there is a “sort of a general trend”, i.e. correlation, that even he acknowledges.


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