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Texas’ Little-Discussed Drug Culture

March 29, 2010

Keeping inline with his on-going California v. Texas theme, Steve Sailer points out white students at various grade levels perform better in Texas than in California. This was true of other races too.

This doesn’t really follow HBD theories. As expected, Sailer commenters are mostly hysterical.

Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) is referenced as evidence of California’s evasive drug culture. California commenters began relating stories of ‘rehab’ I assume they had heard on Entertainment Tonight. They’ve bought into the media hype of self-worshipping Angelinos. Like my former Californian Hispanic co-workers at Dominos, I soon expected someone to chime in about how “badass” commercialized Humboldt county weed is. A few references to Californication would’ve been nice too.

Californians forget that Asians numerically/socially dominate their white-flight public schools and drug use among those groups simply doesn’t fly. In contrast, suburban Texas schools are whiter and laid back. A decade ago, in the white-flight Dallas suburb of Plano, approximately 20 teens died in a 3 year span from a low-quality Heroin epidemic. Hardcore drugs are more prevalent in Texas (and probably cheaper) as the state only sits on one of the largest illicit drug corridors in the world. Comparing the responses on the Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (2007) between the major metropolitan areas of the two states we find that Texas high school students pwn their west coast counterparts:

Ever used cocaine?

Dallas: 12.6%

Houston: 11.4%

LA: 11.4%

San Diego: 9%

San Bernardino: 5.5%

San Francisco: 5.2%

heroin/meth use:

Dallas: 5.2%

Houston: 4.9%

LA: 3.1%

San Diego: 3.2%

San Bernardino: 1.7%

San Francisco: 2.3%

Ecstasy use:

Dallas: 6.8%

Houston: 10.3%

LA: 6.4%

San Diego: 9%

San Bernardino: 5.1%

San Francisco: 6.7%

Dallas leads the nation in cocaine use and Houston leads in ecstacy use. In the state surveys overall Texas comes in second in cocaine use and first in ecstasy use. Early in December, a massive shipment of tabs imprinted with Obama’s face were seized in the Rio Grande Valley.

This isn’t even a new phenomenon, from a 2000 Austin Chronicle article “Countdown to Ecstasy

Due in no small part to the open-air-market feel of Ecstasy dealing in Austin and other cities, however, the DEA rushed MDMA into Schedule I on July 1, 1985, using the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, which allowed for “emergency scheduling of any substance deemed to be a significant threat to the public.”

The DEA issued a statement justifying the emergency scheduling, which mentioned the “open promotion of MDMA as a legal euphoriant through fliers, circulars, and promotional parties,” and noted the almost certainly lowballed statement that “30,000 dosage units of MDMA are distributed in Dallas each month.”

The article also claims that the UK-band New Order had their first roll in Austin. $12 a hit? Haha. Glad to know some things haven’t been hit so badly by inflation.

In addition to Mexican-imported stimulants, Houston rappers are responsible for popularizing the prescription-drug concoction Purple Drank throughout the south.

I haven’t tried this, but it seems clever. In spite of these behaviors, I suppose Houston blacks could have higher IQs than African-Americans from other states. The other stuff doesn’t really make sense though…

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